About me

Here’s my story so far…

Who am I?

I’m a writer (non-fiction, songs, poetry, blog writing), as well as a therapist (CBT, EMDR, Occupational, Journal and Brainspotting).

I write about managing emotions, functional music, expressive writing and songwriting for wellbeing. I also like to write songs and sing, and I love cars and driving, and listening to music whilst driving.

What do I do?

I work as a mental health therapist, write about emotions, and also love research and learning new things.

I’ve just completed an MMus in Music & Sound where I focused on the use of bilateral sound for wellbeing, and also musical awe and vastness. I am interested in finding and sharing information about how to feel better, and particularly creative methods.

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my work and studies

Mental health and the processing of emotions using creative methods as well as standard CBT methods are my main areas of interest

I have two main strands to my work and studies. I love creating, but also finding ways of helping people with how they feel.
I am a lifelong learner and am still learning. There are three areas to what I do every day. I research, write about and practice as a therapist, write songs and create music, and use writing in many ways for well-being, both for myself and others.

Psychology, therapies and the neuroscience of emotions.

I have degrees in Psychology, Occupational therapy, Cognitive behavioural psychotherapy and Integrative arts for health. I also have further training as a trauma therapist using methods such as EMDR and Brainspotting. I am fascinated by the science of emotions and how we can use science to help us understand how best to manage our feelings.

My Qualifications in this area:

1. BSc (Hons) Psychology 2:1
2. BSc(Hons) Occupational Therapy 2:1
3. PG Diploma Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy
4. EMDR Practitioner Training All Parts 1-4
5. IAPT Clinical Supervisor training
6. General Certificate in Online Counselling & Therapy Part 1 (ACTO)
7. City & Guilds Teaching Adults in Further Education
8. Brainspotting Practitioner training. Phase 1, Phase 2 and David Grand Masterclass. BSPUK
9. Level 1 Certificate in Sound healing with Multi-instruments. Sound Healing Academy
10. Elaine Aron Approved Therapist for Sensory Processing Sensitivity / HSP
11. Introduction to Deep Brain Reorienting by Dr Frank Corrigan
12. Emotion Regulation Therapy Training.


Songwriting, music production & sound therapies.

Writing songs is a special type of magic and I love writing lyrics and melodies. I have had two songs published and also have written two songs with the songwriter Michael Garvin, as well as several others. I have recently trained in producing music and sound therapies in order to know more about this area and be able to produce sounds for well-being.

My Qualifications in this area:

1. Popular Singing – Leeds College of Music
2. Jazz Singing – Leeds College of Music
3. Songwriting – Factory Street Studios
4. Recording and Production – Leeds College of Music
5. Arvon Songwriting Retreat – Kathryn Williams and Chris Difford
6. Songwriting Retreat with Martin Sutton (The Songwriting Academy)
7. EDM Bootcamp with Altar Studios and Audio Devils
8. We are the unheard Music Production Course with Eve Horne
9. MMus Music & Sound – Academy of Music & Sound (University of West London).


The therapeutic use of writing.

There are several types of writing that can fall under this category. I use free writing, expressive writing and lyrical writing (songwriting) in my work with clients and for myself. I have had training in different types of writing (non-fiction, poetry, songwriting, academic writing, and trauma-focused writing therapy. It is the main method that I use to process and manage my feelings.

My Qualifications in this area:

1. Writing Narrative Non-Fiction – Arvon at-home retreat 
2. Writing a Memoir course – Curtis Brown Creative (Online 6 weeks).
3. Creative Writing (Poetry) – Manchester Metropolitan University
4. Creative Writing Short Course – UEA
5. Arvon Retreats x 3
6. Arvon Creative Writing Course (Poetry) Jo Shapcott.
7. Writer’s Workshop & Conference – Hay House Publishing.
8. Diploma in Journal Therapy.

1. PG Certificate Artists in healthcare settings
2. PG Diploma Integrative Arts in Health, Education & Community Settings.

A brief history

cars, music, writing, cars, music, writing, and a lot of studying along the way.

As well as research, writing and finding out as much as possible about emotions and how to help people manage emotions, I love cars and listening to music whilst driving. It is one of the ways that I unwind, apart from expressive writing of course which is my main way of problem solving and processing.

It is the experience of driving and listening to music that led me to research the emotion of musical awe during my Masters in Music. I am fascinated by the emotion of awe, especially in relation to music and movement.

Random fact

Many years ago one of my hobbies was selling car flowers and car vases on Ebay. I was one of the first people to import and sell the Autovase car vase into the UK so that anyone could have a car flower in their car, and not only those with VW Beetles.

From the archives

Cars, Music & Words

Bronze VW Polo with houses in background

Volkswagen Polo

My first car
White VW Polo Coupe parked.

Volkswagen Polo Coupe

It looked just like a GTI!
Girl leaning against purple Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golf GTI

I finally bought a GTI, called her ‘Gabby’ and really wanted to be a car reviewer. My idol was Vicki Butler Henderson.
Line drawing of ukulele on cream background

Here are some songs that I have written.

Here is my artist site, and there are a few tracks on her if you would like to have a listen. It is here.

Line drawing of car and music note on cream background

Songs that sound good whilst driving.

I keep adding and removing to make sure this isn’t stupidly long. Here is the link to the current list on Spotify.

Line drawing of books and a plant on a table on cream background

Books in my read/re-read pile.

1. Awe by Dacher Keltner

2. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron (always in my pile)

over to you

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