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Therapist, Author & Musician

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On this site, you will find details of my therapeutic writing sessions and my writing (books, blogs, articles, online courses, music, downloads, and resources).

Every Sunday, I send out a newsletter called The Weekly Process, which includes an invite to a free LIVE therapeutic journaling session and helpful information and strategies for managing emotions. If this is of interest I would love to keep in touch and welcome you to the live session. Add your name to my mailing list in this box below:

What do I do?

I am a CBT and trauma therapist. In my research and writing, I specialise in strategies for processing emotions and expressing them in words. I have been a user and fan of expressive writing since 2003, and I use therapeutic writing strategies regularly in my work. I also practice written exposure therapy and cognitive behavioural writing therapy in my trauma work.

I have started offering therapeutic writing sessions as a standalone practice. They can be a useful way of offloading and processing the week and gaining clarity for the week to come.

I offer these sessions both individually and in groups. My technique is designed to be carried out weekly as a way of offloading and processing the week that has just gone. It is a valuable strategy for clearing the week and preparing for the coming week. In the sessions, I use CBT strategies and music and sound to guide us through gently.

What are my qualifications and experience?

I am a qualified psychotherapist, occupational therapist, and journal therapist. I am also qualified in songwriting and music production and have researched music for well-being as part of my master’s research. I researched introversion and extraversion for my psychology degree, and for my occupational therapy degree, I studied sensory processing and mental health. My Cognitive Behavioural Therapy degree research was focused on the impact of anxiety on behaviour. I have worked as a therapist with clients individually and in groups since 1999. I have also studied different forms of writing and have written poems, songs, non-fiction articles and a book.

Here is a link to further details about my qualifications and experience.

Therapeutic writing sessions

Therapeutic Writing Individual Session – Online

Therapeutic Writing Groups Session – Online

Therapeutic Writing Group Workshop (in-person)

I offer these therapeutic writing sessions individually and in groups.

You can book an individual session with me on the link below. These sessions will be held online via Zoom.

For Group sessions and Workshops, please email me to discuss your requirements. Sessions can be held over Zoom, at your workplace, or at another suitable venue.

The sessions offer tailored guidance while you write about emotional events. The writing practice is 15 minutes (2 x 7-minute sessions) plus a reflection, planning and optional sharing section. I will support you in finding ways to express how you feel so you can offload and process your week.

Join me LIVE every Sunday.

I offer a free LIVE therapeutic journaling session every Sunday on YouTube. It only takes 15 minutes, but it can be an effective method for tackling the Sunday blues and Monday dread and for offloading the week that has just gone.

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LIVE Every Sunday:

The Sunday Journal Club

Beat those Sunday blues with 15 minutes of therapeutic journaling. Join me LIVE for this free weekly session.

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Write in your own time

If you can’t make the Sunday live stream, that’s no problem. I have recorded a short writing offload session.

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Online Self-Paced Course

Using Expressive Writing to Manage Emotions: A Comprehensive Self-Paced Online Course.

This online course, hosted by Udemy, will take you through the history of expressive writing, and help you to develop a personal expressive writing processing plan. I have also incorporated modules on methods for managing emotions so that you will have new strategies for managing any feelings that come up for you while writing.

I am currently updating the course, it will be available soon

The Weekly Process Newsletter

Receive a weekly process reminder.

My weekly newsletter is sent out every Sunday. It contains a link to the next LIVE therapeutic journaling session and I also feature a special topic each week from my work as a mental health therapist that I think will be of help to our weekly process for that week.

Books and Articles

I write about emotions, mental health, expressive and therapeutic writing and music for wellbeing. All of my work is concerned with the processing of feelings and various methods for doing this, as well as the science behind emotion processing.

Book: Do I Need to See a Therapist? How to understand your emotions and make therapy work for you.

This is my first non-fiction book which covers a range of strategies for managing how you feel, especially the fear of being upset. It is hard to just be upset sometimes, but if we can allow ourselves to work with the emotion that comes up rather than try to stop ourselves from feeling, this can help us to struggle less..

Articles on emotions, writing & wellbeing, and music.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with discoveries in expressive & therapeautic writing, emotion science, trauma therapies, and music for wellbeing, do have a look at the articles and resources on this page.

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