Welcome to the Editorial Guidelines for our website


I’m Donna Bottomley, an accredited therapist and author of the book ‘Do I need to see a therapist, how to manage your emotions and make therapy work for you’. I am passionate about researching and writing about topics related to mental health and managing emotions. This was my main reason for starting this blog. To share what I discover.

I have written these guidelines to ensure that the content that is published here aligns with our mission and values, and assists in creating a cohesive and engaging experience for our readers.

Content & Focus

  • We focus on topics related to emotions, mental health, and personal growth.
  • We welcome a variety of content, including:
    • Personal experiences and reflections
    • Research-based articles and summaries
    • Interviews with experts and professionals
    • Practical tips and strategies for coping and thriving
  • Our target audience includes those seeking support, information, and inspiration related to mental health and wellbeing.

Voice & Tone

  • We strive for a voice that is:
    • Compassionate and understanding
    • Informative and evidence-based
    • Engaging and relatable
    • Respectful and inclusive
  • We avoid language that is:
    • Stigmatizing or judgmental
    • Encouraging harmful behaviours
    • Unnecessarily technical

Content Quality & Accuracy

  • All content should be well-researched and accurate.
  • Cite reliable sources using Harvard style references.
  • Balance personal experiences with evidence-based information where possible.
  • Respect confidentiality and anonymity when sharing case studies or personal stories.

Technical Guidelines

  • Formatting:
    • Title: 25-50 words, H1 heading
    • Headings: H2 for main sections, H3 for subheadings
    • Body text: 12pt font, double-spaced
    • Links: Descriptive and relevant
  • Images:
    • High-resolution (at least 1200px wide)
    • Relevant to the content
    • Appropriately credited
  • Software:
    • Google Docs or Microsoft Word for writing
    • Grammarly or similar tools for proofreading

Submission & Review Process

  • To submit work: [donna@donnabottomley.com]
  • Review process: 1-2 weeks for feedback
  • Revisions may be requested.

Add links to additional resources where possible

  • Links to mental health organisations, sources of support.


  • Add a disclaimer that blog content is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional therapy or medical advice.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our blog. We’re excited to share your insights and create a community that supports mental health and wellbeing.